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To manage the Covid 19 safe operational requirements the board of UllR Ski Lodge have made the following changes to the operations of the lodge. We understand that these are material changes to the way the lodge has operated in the past, however, these are necessary in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic.


All visitors will be required to answer Covid 19 related questions as outlined below at the time of booking (which will be a condition of booking), three days before the booking and upon arrival.


  • Have you or anyone you know you have been in contact with or been infected with COVID19 and have not recovered and are clear of the infection (ie COVID negative)? 

  • Have you returned from overseas immediately prior to visiting the Lodge and have not been through the required quarantine/isolation period and have not tested negative for COVID19?

  • Are you subject to a quarantine notice, self-isolation notice, or similar?

  • Have you or may you have been in contact with a known infected person and have not tested negative for COVID19 after the expiration of the incubation period (nominally 14 days)?

  • Are you unwell and/or are showing symptoms of COVID19 and have not tested negative or those test results are not yet available?

  • Parents will be responsible for answering these questions on behalf of their dependant children or others in their care.

  • Will you commit to the safe practice criteria outlined below during your stay at UllR Ski Lodge?

  • Guests will be required to fill in names, addresses and contact details for all members and guests including children

  • Guest temperatures will be taken (by thermal when they arrive at the lodge and may be taken at periodic times during their stay.


Where the lodge has more than 8 people there will be 2 (two) meal sittings for breakfast and dinner (unless these people are all from the same household).


Evening meals will be reduced to two courses to allow for two sittings (regardless of numbers of guests).


Beverages will be ordered online (text or email) by midday before the evening meal to ensure that these are taken from the cellar in time.


All children (under 14) will eat before the main meal.


There will only be 8 people allowed in the lounge/dining area at any one time which will be managed on a last in first out basis.


There will only be 3 people allowed in the mezzanine lounge area at any one time which will be managed on a last in first out basis.


Guests that are not in either the dining/lounge or mezzanine areas will be required to stay in their room or stay out of the lodge.


Saturday night will be a guest-free night to allow the lodge to be fully cleaned ready for new guests on Sunday afternoon. This situation may change as the season progresses.

Guests will be required to remove linen + garbage from their room on departure.

Guests will be required to bring their own pillow and additional blankets.


Booking preference will be given for bookings from Sunday to Saturday. Shorter bookings will be allocated as they fit around larger groups.


Booking preference will be given to managed groups (ie, multiple families pre-organized and booking at the same time).


Full refunds will be given if there is a resort closure due to Covid19 prior to arrival. In all other instances, normal booking conditions will apply.


These measures are necessary for the adherence to Covid19 protocols and the economic operation of the lodge.


In addition to these changes are some new standard operating procedures as advised by NSW Health which will be strictly adhered to. These are available on request.

Bookings impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions and/or Public Health Orders are 100% refundable upon request or alternatively, requests may be made for accommodation credits and/or transfers to other dates for use during 2021 or 2022 (subject to availability). PLEASE CONTACT THE BOOKING OFFICE FOR REFUND REQUESTS OR ACCOMMODATION CREDIT/TRANSFER REQUESTS.

UllR Ski Lodge

COVID Safe Plan

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